The application problem of packaging and decoration

Packaging design in heigh is one of the main contents of the beginning of a successful marketing studies, the so-called "4P strategy, product planning, distribution channels, sales promotion, and product pricing. However, the central issue of the 4P strategy "is to study how to meet the needs of consumers. In fact, the consumer needs is a determinant of the success or failure of corporate marketing. Therefore, the characteristics of the needs of the consumers, buying motives, buying behavior, became the focus of the business concern. A psychological point of view, it is necessary due to the stimulation of objective factors, a complex psychological process in the consumer mind. Here, the stimulation is caused consumers need incentives. Of course, this kind of stimulation is first attracted the attention of consumers for goods. From the the commodity packaging aesthetic effect, causing the consumer's attention is the first step, and a very important step in the promotion process. Attention is beginning to understand things, consumers consumer motivation to take consumer action premise. Note, generate interest inspired by the desire, the cause of action, referred to as the "AIDA". Shows that call attention to the promotion began. The aesthetic psychology noting arouse itself is the desire of the preliminary meet, followed by the interest generated, as well as the emergence of the desire to buy. Of course, this requires the packaging of goods, must have aesthetic artistic charm. Note that is human mental activity point and focus on a particular object, and therefore people in a positive state of mind. So pay attention to play an important role in human practice. It guarantor to timely and accurately respond to the objective situation of things. Therefore, the in commodity sales process, the packaging of commodities can arouse people's attention, is the key to commodity packaging can play a silent role of "promoters". The educator Ushinski said, pay attention to people's hearts is the only portal. Only open the portal, in order to cause the interest of consumers, so that consumers desire to purchase, resulting in a promotional success. Attention to the characteristics and laws of due attention to this psychological phenomenon, an important role in the merchandising process, and thus to understand and grasp the attention to the characteristics and laws for the the commodity packaging design and the whole print design, has a very important significance. So, pay attention to what characteristics it? Attention to two main characteristics: directional and concentrated. Point of noting in every moment of mental activity to select only certain things, and leave some other things. The social life is rich and varied, and at the same time is impossible to everything around perceived, so that you have a choice, has been pointing to.

Attention concentrated mental activity is directed to certain things, so that the point of the things in the mind more clearly reflect. People choose certain things as pay attention to the object, while also inhibiting mental activity and other things, their energy is being devoted to the things, so as to produce a clear impression of the things. Mechanism from the physiological point of view, attention is an orienting reflex activity of the objective things. Whenever the novel stimulus appears, people will have a corresponding mental activity, to make their own receptors toward the direction of the irritants, to more clearly reflect this object. Note that in itself is not an independent mental activities, it is accompanied by a feeling of psychological processes such as perception, memory, thinking and maintain the point, and the deepening of the role plays in various mental activities. The attention many forms. Note purpose of view, attention can be divided into involuntary attention and voluntary attention two. Involuntary attention had not deliberately intended purpose, and do not need to be the will of the efforts of the Note. As everyone is in a meeting, and suddenly a stranger comes into the room, everyone involuntarily turned his head to pay attention to come. So involuntary attention passive happen involuntarily, also called involuntary attention. General shopping Sightseeing belong intention to pay attention. Voluntary attention is the intended purpose, necessary for the will of the efforts of the Note. Consumers have a clear target bound to consciously pay attention to what he needed goods and other commodities around the turn a blind eye. Conscious attention is unique to humans, volition and regulating attention. Although there is all the difference between the intention to pay attention and voluntary attention, but in real life, is intertwined into each other. For example, accidentally discovered a novel commodity, our intention to pay attention. Curiosity dominated this purpose, consciously observe and understand, when the attention becomes conscious attention.

Flexibility in the use of no intention to pay attention to the law of involuntary attention caused by irritant characteristics and the internal situation of the people,. Print design should not only be good at using the characteristics of the stimuli, but also take into account the needs and interests of consumers, the use of a unique design to the attention of the consumer. Correct use of color. Observation of external things, first of all the attention is the color. Color is the most sensitive visual stimulation, visual signal reflects fastest. Accounted for about 80% of the human visual attention to color, and only about 20% of shaped attention. The colors of the United States is the most easy to feel. Print design should correctly use the stimulating effect of the color of the people, to enable consumers to see at a glance, will be able to produce a strong aesthetic interest. Different colors, and its the lightwave role in the human retina, people produce feelings. The red gives enthusiastic, passionate and feeling, people use it to express a fiery, masculine and information. White gives a crisp, pure feeling, people use it to express Jiejing, cold and other information. The black gives to serious stable feeling, solemn, sad people use it to convey information. Yellow gives a jolly, warm feeling, people use it to convey the light, hope and other information. Blue caused elegant, deep, expansive feel, people use it to express the high-tech future information. Green caused a feeling of quiet, health, people use it to express the growth, security, and other information. Fully reflects the huge psychological impact of color, and thus constitute the color aesthetic artistic characteristics. Give full play to the role of the pattern. Packaging and decoration patterns, including photographs, paintings, decorative patterns, relief, packaging and decoration of an important form of artistic expression, but also an important means to enhance the aesthetic artistic effect. Pattern designed to do decorative decent beautify appropriate scientific and rational; fully demonstrate the product's brand characteristics, so that consumers can identify the product by the trademark pattern. Such as "Snow Lotus" brand cashmere sweater box, the box surface snow lotus is imprinted pattern protruding paper showing white embossed effect, very beautiful, the snow lotus. Tray soft light green, the entire box unique grace, compelling. Unique artistic style. Packaging and decoration of Applied Arts Although not purely a work of art, but is a very creative service in merchandise sales. All art is particular about the style, we must have a national style, but also a personal style, packaging and decoration should also highlight the characteristics of the merchandise.

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