Artistry of Packaging Decoration

Description is the important link in the building of the good image. In order to work for advertise and sales promote, show that the decoration using intention for itself is not decorated for itself, but for some purpose of considering fully the consumption idea and aesthetic demand of shopping people.Therefore, decoration description is always to be the most important link.There are two common representation methods, saying realism and abstraction, in decoration. Realism means drawing or picturing some rare things, especially color pictures, it is a better way to really show all detailed image, color, and texture related to packaged contents, and it is also liable to be manufactured. It is widely used in foods, light industry and textiles, such as high-grade cosmetics, beverages, some light industrial products, medicines, etc. Abstraction method is used for goods of which contents are troublesomely described in details. This method can create a high-quality, modernized image in people’s mind. The abstract picture not only gives people with aesthetic feeling, but also make people have a reasonably logical association. For instance, beakers and graduates make people think of chemical products; injection syringes make people think of medicines; musical notes make people think of musical instrument, etc. The said two method should be used according to different situations, not be used at large.

The subject of the art of packing a wide-scale art packaging art triumphantly oriented mass strategy, step-by-step all the aesthetic image of the invention and the end of the process. Meantime. Including works of art, commodity, songs, art, and even also contain people. In this article, I only talk about the art of packing merchandise packaging. Thus, the art of packaging is the artistry of the packaging, the primary packaging product appearance shape, one-sided appearance, layout combinations, data texture applied color matching process shape embodies go features, to customers with aesthetic appreciation of thoughts and feelings. We know, the packaging of goods description includes many aspects. Meantime, packaging and decoration plays a very important figure in the artistic.

Packaging and decoration is a description of the artistic aspects of the primary method, advances in packaging. Impact from product visualization, color, text appeal reconciled with those of all shape and form a grand appeal, sparking the aspirations of customer acquisition and procurement action. Many packaging description of personnel, depending on the packaging and decoration equivalent to the entire packaging description, which shows that he attaches great importance to the art of packaging. Packaging and decoration is an important component of the commercial art some goods to maintain landscaping products, to convey product information to promote the sale of goods for the intent of useful value and appreciate the value of an art. Decorating the description of the category or many, but as a useful art, the characteristics of its value is certainly reflected in two aspects of the aesthetic value of the useful value of fame and fortune and art. Useful value of fame and fortune is a fundamental value of the decorating art decor artistic value is not reflected in the purely aesthetic meaning, and have the end of the useful value, the end of the message mission intact expression of the essential characteristics of the useful arts.

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